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Why water is so important when making tea

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

This is something we don't always think about but it could be the most important process.

Water may be the most important ingredient when preparing tea.

You may be wondering why are we creating a blog about water. Well, it's kind of the most important thing about making tea. That's right, water is one of the MOST important things to consider when making your tea taste it's very best. Some might think the type of tea is more important but we believe water is on the top of the list. You could make really delicious tea taste really bad by using regular chlorine added sink water. It won't matter if you buy the most expensive organic loose leaf tea or the bagged tea from the store. Using regular tap water can make your cuppa taste bitter or sour.

What type of water should I use?

The best tea is made with natural spring water. If you don't have access to natural water from your faucet we recommend getting a filter. Your local grocer may have spring water by the gallon but choosing a greener option is best. Our alternative? A brand called Zero Water. By purchasing the larger container we are able to fill up our tea kettle and have water to drink throughout the day. You can find filters at your local target.

How should I prepare my tea with my new filter?

Glad you asked because this is also very important! There are different tea kettles that range from ones you put on the stove top and ones you plug in. Either works great! Just fill with your filtered water and then heat. Depending on the type of tea you are brewing the water temperature will need to be different. It you are steeping white or green teas you will want the temp to range from 160-185 and oolong and black teas from 195-206. When you purchase Good Karma teas there is always recommended steep times and water temperatures listed. That information is there to ensure the best results with every cup you steep!

Thanks for reading!

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