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Why all the excitement about Matcha?

Superfood. Antioxidant. Amino acid rich. Anti-inflammatory.

Matcha is being served up at coffee houses and bakeries but it still remains a bit of a tea enigma. What is this tea and how is it different from other teas?

  • Matcha tea is made from the same tea leaf as other loose leaf varieties, camellia sinensis. However, tea leaves destined for matcha are shade-grown during the later part of their young lives which concentrates the caffeine and theanine content.

  • After harvest, matcha tea leaves are steamed and then dried to preserve their rich green color. The process for growing and harvesting matcha is time intensive and special and thus matcha can be more expensive than other loose leaf teas.

  • The flavor of matcha can be described as umami, plant-like, and earthy. It is not bitter or astringent but can be unfamiliar to the typical American palettes. We recommend trying it both as hot tea and as a chilled latte with your favorite milk or milk alternative.

At Good Karma Tea Co. we offer two types of matcha:

  1. Tea House Matcha: This organic, Grade A matcha is sourced from Chinese tea growers and is perfect for sipping hot or blending into lattes.

  2. Ceremonial Matcha: This organic, premium matcha is sourced from Japan and has a superior flavor profile and color for your ritualistic cup of tea.


Preparation of matcha tea requires the use of a frother

or a whisk

both of which are available in the Good Karma Tea Co. online store!



Measure 1/2 teaspoon of matcha and place it in a cup. Add 2 oz. of water at a temperature of

175 F to the cup then blend with your frother or whisk until the liquid is frothy and the matcha is fully dissolved (about 10-20 seconds).

Next add 3-5 oz. more of 175 F water to the cup and stir to combine. Your cup of matcha is ready!


Matcha pairs well with vanilla and cream!

To make a matcha latte just

whisk 1/2 teaspoon of matcha into

hot or cold milk of your choice.

Vanilla almond milk matcha latte is a GKTC favorite!

Consider mixing in a scoop of vanilla protein powder in your matcha latte for a delicious meal replacement full of antioxidants and macro nutrients.


We hope you'll try matcha and find out if you love it too!

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