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Iced Tea with your Loose Leaf

As the weather gets warmer, reach for a refreshing drink with a complex flavor profile: iced tea!

To brew iced tea from loose leaf tea you’ll need to amp up the flavor of your brew by adding more tea. It’s that simple!! Double or triple the amount of loose leaf tea and brew hot at the same temperature and time prescribed for a regular ratio. For example, to enjoy Moroccan Mint iced, brew 2 tsp. (instead of 1 tsp.) of loose leaf tea in 8 oz. of 195F water for 4 minutes. Remove the tea leaves and allow the drink to cool down a bit. Pour the tea over a glass of ice OR shake tea and ice in a sealed container to evenly cool down your drink.

Our favorite teas on ice:

  • Black tea: Cinnamon Sun and 7 Hills Chai

  • Green tea: Pomegranate Green and Moroccan Mint

  • Herbal tea: Mellow Mood and Mint Mate

Feeling bold? Try these flavor twists in your iced tea!

🫖 To sweeten your tea, try agave syrup or cinnamon honey to lightly treat your tastebuds 🍯

🫖 To juice your tea, add a tablespoon of lime or lemon juice for summery citrus flavor 🍋

🫖 To spice your tea, try a splash of Spicy V8 in your iced black tea 🌶️

🫖 To refresh your tea, muddle with mint leaves and strain over ice 🍃

Wishing you good health and great flavor! -Pam & Jeff

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