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Golden Milk : Find relief from body pain & inflammation

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Golden Milk is a traditional ayurvedic recipe that originated in India and is known for it's ability to support the mind & body. It is both nourishing and easy to make!

We wanted to share with you our secret delicious Golden Milk recipe so you can make it from the comfort of your own home! We have found that Golden Milk has many benefits for the body. Not only does this beverage make aches and pains decrease, it also minimizes inflammation. Have this at night after dinner or during the day when you want to relax or have some relief.

Golden Milk Ingredients: (We suggest using all organic ingredients when making your golden milk)

  • turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root (antioxidant and inflammatory support)

  • fresh ginger (promotes healthy digestion and helps with inflammation)

  • black pepper (helps with absorption and digestion)

  • local honey or sweetener of your choice

  • coconut milk or milk of your choice

Steps to make Golden Milk:

In a small pot combine 8oz of coconut milk, 1 tsp of turmeric powder or 1 inch of fresh turmeric root, 1/8 tsp of pepper and .5 - 1 inch of fresh grated ginger root. Bring to a boil while whisking and let simmer for one minute. Add 1 tbs of local honey and whisk together. Strain into cup and enjoy!

Be well, Lyndsey

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