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Choosing a Tea Strainer

Not all mesh is created equal!

I tested out three tea strainers recently to see how they performed with Good Karma Tea. If you've ever watched America's Test Kitchen and seen the kitchen gadget segment, then you have a preview into the geeky analysis that follows!

The Finger Strainer

This strainer is petite and practical with sliding mesh window. Built in scoop, strainer, and handle make it a convenient addition to your tea time ritual, especially if you travel. Two things keep this handy strainer from being great: First, it's hard to close the strainer once the tea is loaded, particularly a tea with larger leaves. You kind of have to brush off the tea from the edges of the strainer to close it. Not ideal to crunch down on any leaves still stuck. Second, the mesh is not very fine and allowed some tea fines to escape the strainer.

The Ball Strainer

The ball strainer has ample room for loose leaf tea and is simple to load and close. It sinks softly to the bottom of your hot water and steeps all your tea leaves fully. This ball strainer has a nice long chain which hangs outside the cup so you never have to chase a string in the hot water. I tested the ball strainer with Annie's Garden and while it was better than the Finger Strainer, I still found some tea fines at the bottom of my cup.

The Infuser Cup

The infuser cup features two pieces: the double handled basket and the holding tray. It can handle all kinds of loose leaf tea from the smallest rooibos to the largest green leaves. It adapts to small and large brews (handy for a concentrated brew that will become iced tea) and fits in mosts cups. The holding tray is wonderful for when you want to dive into your tea and worry about your wet leaves later. Both pieces are dishwasher safe and the mesh is so fine that you'll never see leftovers in your cup. This infuser is my favorite!

You can buy this infuser cup from Good Karma Tea now. Just click the link below!

Be well,

Pam and Jeff

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