How to prepare the PERFECT cup of MATCHA

Are you confused about how to make a cup of matcha?  Are you wondering what is this green powder substance and what do I do with it? The truth is, making matcha is actually a very simple process. There are a couple of ways to prepare the perfect cup and we will guide you through it!

Preparing Matcha for on the go

Do you have absolutely no extra time in the morning and you're lucky if you make it out the door in time for work? These are the quick steps for you! Keep in mind this will not give you the magical taste you will get when taking your time to prepare your Matcha the traditional way.
                                                     Get up earlier. It's worth it. 

Step 1. Heat water to 175º or if boiling in kettle, let water sit for a few minutes after boil. If you are using a kettle, start boiling while getting ready and after 5 minutes of rushing to get dressed, your water should be ready! (Filtered water is the best for taste)

Step 2. Add Matcha powder. We recommend starting with 1/2 tsp. of Matcha for 12oz cup and 1 tsp. for 16oz. Ultimately, you can decide what amount taste best for you. Fill up your favorite hipster mug with hot water and stir with a spoon until powder is dissolved.  

Let's be SUPER clear... We do not suggest this rushed process. You may even have some gritty Matcha at the bottom of your cup. What is the message here? Ditch the grit, get up earlier.


I have the time to make the perfect cup of Matcha

You understand that taking the time to make the perfect cup of Matcha will brighten your mood, help you to be mindful and gain the best taste possible! 

Step 1. Heat water to 175º or if boiling in kettle, let water sit for a few minutes after boil. While waiting for your water, scoop 1/2 tsp. of Matcha and sift (if available) into a cup or bowl. (Filtered water is the best for taste)

Step 2. Add 2oz of water over your Matcha. Using a bamboo whisk (find a whisk at our tea bar or online at ) whisk in a W motion. Make sure to get the powder off the side of your cup or bowl. We recommend whisking for at least 20 seconds. Once you have some nice foam action on top, pour more water (around 4oz) to your desired taste and enjoy. Add cream and honey for a Matcha latte.

Once you have made your first cup you will only continue to get better at it! You will discover the vast world of different Matcha grades and explore all the ways you can incorporate
Matcha into your daily life. This Japanese powdered tea is so healthy for you. Have it

everyday and watch the goodness unfold.

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May you be happy, May you be healthy